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Webhostel Quicknet, Business and Corporate
professional European hosting service with unlimited bandwidth

EuropeID's Webhotel hosting packages have been crafted to satisfy all your hosting needs. Our professional approach and focus on safety is what makes us different among other hosting service providers in Europe.

Quicknet, Business and Corporate hosting packages with unlimited data transfer - a safe gateway for your company to the Internet.
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You will have the following benefits

Unlimited traffic

We ensure unlimited data transfer. There are no established limits on the data transfer (bandwidth) that we offer in our Webhotel hosting plans.

Daily backups

We do daily backups. Should anything happen, your website can be recovered.

High uptime

We make certain that our customers enjoy at least 99% network availability on average. Enjoy your online activities without any interruptions .

Virus & spam protection

We provide virus and spam protection. Our hosting guarantees that your e-mail inbox is clean and your network is safe.

Online & telephone assistance

It is possible to contact us via the telephone, by using the online form or the chat window at the bottom of the page.

We are GREEN

Within the last two years, the power consumption in our hosting center has been decreased by appr 50% as we have been migrated to ECO Virtual platforms and shut down old servers.

Server capacity and database

Within your hosting account you obtain your own server disk space that you can employ as a web page, mailboxes (e-mail), database (MySQL) and files that you can upload and share by using FTP or WebDisk. Each hosting account allows you to run a certain number of MySQL databases. This enables you to create a dynamic Website or a database system. MySQL databases are utilised, among others, by commonly used CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. To manage the MySQL database, we offer the phpMyAdmin panel.

Full support

For each hosting account there can be designated a certain number of domains (determined by the chosen hosting package). Each additional domain (Website) can be assigned to any of your server's subdirectory where the Website's files will be stored. Each hosting account offers assistance for mod-rewrite extensions that you can utilise for creating SEO friendly links within your website. Available only with the Linux platform.

FTP access and accounts

Within each hosting account, it is possible to create additional FTP accounts with access to only a single directory. This way, you can provide access to your server to people who assist in creating and updating the Website and, at the same time, should not be able to access other files stored in other directories. With FTP Accounts you can instantly place your pages on our server and update them. It is possible to activate one main FTP account with each hosting account. You can also create additional FTP accounts with access to the whole server or partial access to specified directories on the server only.

Password protection

An idividual username and password can be used in order to protect accessing any directory on the server over the Internet. You can set up your own login and password in the server's Administration Panel. It can protect access to the sites that are still under construction and should not be visible to all users.


There is an unlimited traffic package (data transfer) available for each hosting account, which is utilised for the traffic generated by your site, downloading and sending e-mail messages as well as downloading and uploading files by means of FTP or WebDisk.

Task scheduler (CRON) - Linux only

Thanks to CRON Scheduler you can periodically run your own scripts at the set time. Available only with the Linux operating system.

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