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Experience paired with professionalism

Our team at EuropeID consists of young, ambitious and highly-motivated staff members with broad experience in their line of work.

In brief, we appreciate people who are:

  • progressive and enthusiastic with a positive can-do attitude
  • committed and positive
  • able to complete assignments in a timely manner

If you feel that the above matches your character, and generally you are an open-minded person with high team spirit and a sense of humor, then we encourage you to apply for one of our available positions.

Available positions

Currently there are no vacancies. However, at any time gladly accept questions and requests.

Unsolicited Applications

We are always happy to hear from people with experience in domain industry.
If you have experience in domain field, be that front end or back end, please send your CV and a short summary of your past experience related to the industry to

Join our team and gain experience with EuropeID

Why choose EuropeID?

A key to decision making

We are not a corporate giant. At EuropeID you will deal with project groups that often involve members of management.

Apply your own ideas

Projects are not realised according to a fixed formula from the top down. You will be able to take part in all stages of the process.

External skill development

While you will mostly develop your skills on-the-job, we will also consider a mutual plan for personal and professional development via external training modes.

Acquire relevant knowledge and experience

A great place to grow. We support not only internal training but also direct backing between colleagues, team leaders and other units.

Casual atmosphere, social events

We are all familiar with each other and address each other by name. There is no official dress code. We organise numerous social events, both fixed annual and spontaneous ones. Some with companions, some not.

Work-Life Balance

We understand you have family needs and responsibilities. Our policy concerning sick days, holidays and overtime is transparent.

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