Portfolio consolidation & optimisation

benefits of using domain optimisation
Consolidation along with optimisation of corporate domain portfolios is at the very core of our business.

There are many advantages to integrating your domain portfolio with one single registrar, with the essential attributes being:

  • Panoramic overview of portfolio
  • Enhanced efficiency, dynamic readiness
  • Streamlined and minimised administration

The consolidation and optimisation process usually takes a few months, depending on the size of the portfolio. Throughout the entire process, EuropeID will complete all necessary paperwork on your behalf. We will also obtain applicable powers of attorney to act as your immediate representative towards past domain registrars and registries. Indeed, our specific aim is to reduce your administrative burden to an absolute minimum!

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Global portfolio audit

The initial step in the process is normally to gain a comprehensive overview of the scope of the portfolio, together with identifying domains held by branch offices, business partners and miscellaneous third parties.

Our experienced auditors will conduct a series of automated and manual tests to identify all relevant domain names within or associated with your domain portfolio.

They will prepare and provide you with an in-depth report of the precise legal and technical status of each domain.

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Mapping out domain strategy

Numerous clients will also take this opportunity to formulate and create a corporate domain strategy.

EuropeID has considerable experience with helping clients draft a strategy where the domain registration priorities and procedures complement the general corporate strategy and business objectives.

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Portfolio optimisation

With the Audit report at hand, you will be in a favourable position to make critical strategic decisions. Working in co-operation with one of our experienced Account Executives, the next significant step is to delineate and implement the future layout of the portfolio, hereunder:

  • Consolidate the legal structure, domain holder profiles, contacts, DNS
  • Pinpoint and drop obsolete domains
  • Identify and obtain missing domains
  • Activate domains; formulate an online strategy for different groups of domains
  • Develop a response strategy for domain names held by third parties, both hostile and not
  • Choose a preventive strategy addressing future exposure to cybersquatting
  • Identify and counter the risk of typosquatting or common misspellings
  • Determine if certain divisions should manage specific components of the portfolio
Simplified portfolio management

Once the portfolio has been consolidated and optimised, you can truly begin to reap the benefits of working with a committed domain registrar.

A partner focusing on customer service

  • Individually assigned Account Executive
  • Removing language barriers
  • Consolidated billing, quarterly invoice
  • Continuous development and implementation of domain strategy
  • Detailed reporting, both systematically and on demand
  • Automatic and secure domain renewal

Flexible domain management module

  • Determine and create your own hierarchy of accounts
  • Divide domains into domain groups or divisions
  • Establish lower level users, user rights and billing contacts
  • Manage DNS

Complementary services

  • The most comprehensive Trustee services of any registrar
  • Facilitation of domain acquisition or sales
  • Worldwide backordering of desired domains
  • SSL certificates
  • Email and hosting
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