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Webmail account settings - How to change ‘send out messages limit’?

How to change ‘send out messages limit’?

In order to limit abuse by spammers all user accounts have a daily outgoing mail limit. If you need to send more mail, for instance to send newsletters etc., you can increase the mail limit by following the instructions below.

Important: to change the limit you have to be the domain Administrator.

First step:

  • Click here to open webmail
  • Go to Administration Panel  (see picture 1)

Please open Administration Panel

  • Login using your admin email account and password (see picture 2)

login into administration panel

Second step:

  • Go to the settings tab (see picture 3)
set new limits value
  • New pop-up window will be opened
  • Go to the Limits tab (see picture 4)
  • Set a new value to ‘send out messages limit’ (see picture below)

Last step:

  • Click OK to save new settings


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