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Email Client configuration - FAQ - How to set Windows Mail client?

How to set Windows Mail client?

Please follow the instructions below to perform the changes

First step:

  • Open Windows Mail client
  • From Menu bar choose Accounts
  • Add email (see picture 1)

Second step: – account credentials:

  • Email Address: enter your email address here
  • Password :  enter your password – if you don’t remember it – visit our FAQ site
  • Display name: enter the name that is going to be displayed
  • Select “Manualy configure server settings” (see picture 2)

Third step: – server configuration:

  • Server type: IMAP – We strongly recommend using IMAP, it helps to synchronise multiple devices with the account and the messages are kept on the server.
  • Server address: port: 993
  • Select “requires a secure connection (ssl)”.
  • Outgoing server SMTP address: port: 465
  • Select “requires a secure connection (ssl)”.
  • Select “server requires authentication”. (see picture 3)


If you need to change existing account settings here you can find how to do it.

First step:

  • Open Windows Mail client
  • Right click on your account name (see picture 4)
  • Go to properties


Second step:

  • Go to server tab (see picture 6)
  • Select “Log on using clear text authentication”.
  • Outgoing server: Tick “My server requires authentication”



Last step:

  • Go to Advanced tab
  • Outgoing mail SMTP: Tick “Server requires a secure connection (SSL)” Port: 465
  • Incoming mail IMAP: Tick ” Server requires a secure connection (SSL)” Port: 993

Click OK to finish.

Your account is now configured. If for some reason you are still unable to use your email client  please contact us .


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