Browse and register domain names in .ASIA extension without physical presence in Asia

Registration of Asian domains with local trustee, Local Presence Service provided

.ASIA regulations synopsis:

Local company is necessary.

Registration charge: USD 0.00
Annual domain charge: USD 68.00

DNS Service/Web forwarding is included, at no additional cost.

FAQ for domain names in .ASIA and Asia
Is local company in Asia required?
No, it is not necessary to have a local company in Asia in order to get a .ASIA domain name registered.
Is it necessary to have a local administrative contact in Asia?
No, it is not necessary to have a local administrative contact in Asia to register a .ASIA domain name.
Are trademarks applicable in Asia?
Unfortunately, access to .ASIA domains is not facilitated with either a trademark application or registration in Asia or anywhere else.
Is Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) offered?
You can register .ASIA domain names with non-ASCII characters in Asia.
No IDN pattern is currently available.
Are generic domains available for .ASIA domains?
Some restrictions apply to the type of domain names available in Asia. Please contact us beforehand if you are seeking to apply for a generic type .ASIA domain.
How long does it take to register a .ASIA domain name?
1 day/s
Usually, it does not take longer than 1 day to register a .ASIA domain in Asia. We will submit the application as soon as possible. However, we cannot offer guarantees as we have no impact on the speed of the Asian domain authority once the domain application has been submitted.
What is the minimum number of characters a .ASIA domain name can consist of?
Applications for .ASIA domain names with less than 3 characters cannot be accepted.
What is the maximum number of characters a .ASIA domain name can consist of?
Applications for .ASIA domain names with more than 63 characters cannot be accepted.
Is it possible to register more than one Asian domain name?
YES, unlimited
It is possible for one applicant to register an unlimited number of Asian .ASIA domain names.

How to transfer domain names to EuropeID?

Required info:

  • List the domains you wish to have transferred to EuropeID into the box
  • Enter your name and email address
  • Press Send. A representative from EuropeID Support will contact you in order to process the domain transfer request

Additional info:

  • If you have Authorisation Codes ready, include these. If not, you can provide them later
  • If possible and relevant, please unlock the domains, so they are ready for transfer
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.ASIA domain names .ASIA domains

Domain suffix: .ASIA
Country: Asia
Location: Asia
.ASIA info rating:
4.9 / 5 in 55 votes
Rate information:

Zone use

Any resident, company or organisation within ASIA region is eligible to register such a domain. It is particularly interesting for companies with different office locations within the ASIA area.

Other restrictions


According to registry policy, at least one contact based in the .ASIA region needs to be provided. If you do not have a local contact you may register .ASIA domains via our trustee service.


Nameservers can only be given in the following combinations:


No name servers at all


2 - 13 name servers

Local company is necessary.

.ASIA domain names pricing:

1 Year registration: USD 68.00
Trustee/Proxy service fee: USD 0.00

Do you require additional information?

If you need more information or have questions about the .ASIA domain registration or transfer, please contact us at or via phone on: +44 (0) 208 133 3994.

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